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2001 Report are below.

Sun-Nov-25      Tides Hi 2:45am ,Lo 9:00am ,Hi 3:00pm, Lo 9:30pm      Well today is our last scheduled day for our Beach Shop to be open for the 2001 season.  Plans to reopen full time,  next  Mid March. Easter 2002 is  March 31. Should any of our previous guest decide to come down during the winter time, please give us a call!  Oh!  by the way, many of our customers waited out the sea weed last night and caught over 50 Back Drum, Spots and Puffer fish. Cya soon...

Sat-Nov-24  Tides Hi 2:00am, Lo 8:00am,Hi 2:30pm , Lo 8:45pm        3:00pm Update.   Many fishermen are complaining of sea weed on the beach. This weed tangles up fishing tackle.   8:30 am  The Webster's team from Rockwell NC is back down. They tell me that the south end has washed and filled in many sloops . He caught and released the 43 inch Red Drum  back on Oct 11, 2001. Many of our customers have caught Black Drum, Whiting, and Spots in the past 12 hours, Surf and Pier.          Tony and Ann, Chris and Crystal, Kenda and George, Norma and Jay, Krista and Ryan are well experienced when it comes to dressing fish. Yesterday's catch, several Black Drum, Puffer fish and a 17 inch Flounder. They like fishing with Sand Flees and Shrimp on a short shank snelled fish hooks.  These families enjoys catching and dressing many fish.  For them, fishing is a relaxing talent.   Stay tune..

On another note, my sisters and their families were down Thanksgiving Day. We enjoyed each other when we watched the Classic Movie "It's a Wonderful Life" on VHS. The version that is shown on TV, only presents half the story!! Go ahead and buy the tape!! You will love it when you see the entire story, year after year!!  Stay Tune...

Fri-Nov-23   Tides Hi1:00am, Lo 7:15am ,Hi 1:30pm , Lo 7:45pm       4:30 pm Update! Cleaning fish is a fun chore!! Black Drum and the backs of Blow fish make a tasty meal.  Many fish are being caught off Kure Pier.  1:00pm update. Many folks are down today.  Wind very calm. Sky is over cast. Air temperature is warm. Several new comers are enjoying the thrill of victory, that's catching fish. Crystal, who's  in-laws know how to catch fish, did just that. Yesterday, she caught her first salt water fish, 10 Black Drum and several Puffers. Many other fisherman are catching dozens of Black Drum, Large Spots, Virginia Mullet, Croakers, and Skates. The rest of the beach has children playing football and other activities.   Karen and I, with the help of some of a few of our guest, landed a estimated, 110 lbs, 8 foot Christmas tree.  It is so heavy that once standing, the tree's stand legs bent.   Stay tune...

Thu-Nov-22  Tides Hi12:01am ,Lo 6:15am ,Hi 12:30pm,Lo 7:00am     9:30 am Update   Happy Thanksgiving!!   Not to many Fishermen down. Kure Pier has about 3 dozen people. 6 Black Drum and 25 Puffer fish caught by one of our guest.  Water current is strong. # 5 sinker moves.  Winds about 5 mph NNE. Sea water Temp 61 F.  Sky is clear! Water is pretty!  Stay tune...

Wed-Nov-21  Tides Lo 5:15am,  Hi 11:45am, Lo 6:00pm

Tue-Nov-20 Tides Lo 4:30am,  Hi 11:00am  , Lo 5:00pm , Hi 11:00pm          8:30am Weather is fantastic. Winds have blown NNE 5-10 mph past two days. The very few fisherman who are enjoying the beach are catching many Whiting, Large Spots and Black Drum. Many of our guest and fisherman have bid us farewell for the 2001 fishing season. Freezes are full and spirits have been revived. This past Sunday, Karen and I enjoyed our first Church services and Sunday school together since this past spring. Several of our apartments are rented this upcoming Thanksgiving. "Move over Turkey, a good variety of fish may be sharing the table this weekend!"  Stay tune..

Sat-Nov-17 Tides   Lo 2:15am,  Hi 8:45  , Lo 3:00pm , Hi 9:00pm 12:00 noon.  More fisherman have returned to the beach.  Black Drum, Spots, Virginia Mullet, and Croaker have landed in a few coolers. Stay tune....

Fri-Nov-16 Tides   Lo 1:30am, Hi 8:00, Lo 2:30 pm, Hi 8:15 pm      9:15 am. Sea Water Temp. 62 F. Today's weather Is clear, the beach is not crowed. Motels on the beach have few guest. Several people fishing on the very end of Kure Pier are catching Whiting, Spots and Pompano. Boaters tell me that Trout are being caught off-shore at Fort Fisher. Sheephead catches around pilings in Snows cut. Several fishermen who have been down for the entire fall season are thankful for the fish they have in there freezers.  In fact, instead of making several small trips to his freezer in Thomasville, NC,  one fisherman staying in a friends cottage, went and purchased another freezer to fill up with fish and transport back home at the end of his fishing trip!   Black Drum caught up and down the surf. Stay tune...  

Thu-Nov-15 Tides    Lo12:45am, Hi 7:00am, Lo1:23 pm, Hi7:30pm

Wed-Nov-14 Today's tides. Hi 6:15am, Lo 12:30pm, Hi 6:30pm next Lo Thursday morning.    8:00 pm update  Two fisherman catch many dozens of pan size Black Drum. They give Karen and I, 28 fish. Thanks!!  1:00 pm Update, Windy and few fisherman. One of our guests  went out in their Jon boat only to return empty.  Stay tune..

Tue-Nov-13   Today's tides. Hi 5:30am, Lo 11:45am,  Hi 5:45pm, Lo Midnight. Yesterday the faithful fishermen count were few and cool. Winds picked up (estimated 30 mph NNE) by 4:00pm. We closed up at 5:00pm. With a beautiful sky and leaving rods and reel home,  Karen and I adventure on the windy beach. During a good blow, all sorts of wind blown drift wood and aged sea shells with a clear, clean sheen, appear.  Today at 8:30 am brother and sister bought live mud minnows. They to were heading south beyond Fort Fisher in search of the great big Flounder, Drum and/or Trout. "Not too picky". Stay tune, stay warm and check you smoke detectors.  Kure Beach Fire Department had another Fire call last night.  

Mon-Nov-12      1:00 pm GOOD NEWS!! Honest Fisherman releases 17.75 inch Red Drum back into river. Sir, I am sure there are other larger ones close by! Good job!     NC Fisheries rules 18 - 27 inches, one per day.         12:00 noon. Yesterday, Black Drum catches were still the talk of our shop.  Today at noon, winds blowing NNE 20 - 25 mph. Surf is very choppy. Kure Pier reports Virginia mullet caught on end. Weather is windy and cool. Very few fishermen on surf. Several other fishermen have come in to get fresh head-off shrimp and warm up. They are heading to the less windy areas of the rock wall jetty and banks of Cape Fear River, just south of Fort Fisher. There, Flounder and Black Drum are usually caught this time of year . We have not had the large number of consistent Trout catches since September. We are hoping to catch lots of Trout soon.   Stay tune, stay warm...

Sun-Nov-11  Tides Hi 3:30 am, Lo 10:00am, Hi 4:00pm, Lo10:30pm  10 :30 am Our first request this morning was for Ice. Lots of Ice! The fishermen who caught fish yesterday wanted to make sure their catches stayed fresh!! Dozens of Black Drum weighting 12oz - 3 lbs do need plenty of Ice. Most of this fish were caught between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, Saturday on fresh head-off shrimp and  # 2 fish hooks. Our guest staying at our Apartments have never fished the surf before. They were well pleased with the 10 Back Drum and 2 Bluefishes that they caught from the surf behind the Blue Marlin Apartments. Weather is pretty, seas calm, winds NNE 4 miles/hour. Stay tune... 

Sat-Nov-10 3:30 pm Today tides Hi2:30am, Lo 8:45 Hi3:00pm Lo 9:30pm. Well staying open late last night cost time this morning. (Late getting this report out).  Kure Pier has many fisherman on her deck. Reports of Spots, Virginia Mullet and Black Drum being caught. From the surf, many fisherman are coming back in to buy more of our fresh heads-off shrimp and Ice. Black Drum seem to have gotten larger this week. Some folks are happy with their catches of fish, others are not so happy.     7:00 pm. Looks like the larger crowds have departed. Around 5:30 pm I went fishing on the beach. Not many people. Hoping to catch some Black Drum, I settled for the two pan size Bluefishes I quickly caught.  By cutting through their gills to bleed the fish while they are alive, then cleaning and frying at home,  Karen and I enjoyed a tasty meal.  Stay tune...

Fri-Nov-09    8:30 am report Low tide was at 7:45 am, Next Hi 2:00pm last low 8:30 pm tonight. Winds 5miles NNE. Seas, small waves at 9:00am. Yesterdays catches, Spots, and Virginia Mullets. While Jim was buying Ice at our shop, his buddy was catching a 7 pound Black Drum.   Catching fish today and serving a fresh dinner of Black Drum and Whiting, hopefully will make a convert of one of our Flounder customers. Her husband just purchased a Shakespeare Ugly Stick/Daiwa Reel Combo.  Sir, best wishes for good fishes!!   1:00pm  Breaking News!!  December 7, "Pearl Harbor Day",  Kure Beach's Lady Fireman auxiliary will be singing at the lighting of the town's Christmas Tree Lighting !   Stay tune..

Thu-Nov-08   NO Hurricane MICHELLE *, see weather link. 8:00 am report Low tide was at 6:30 am, Next Hi 12:45 last low 7:30 pm tonight. Winds calm. Seas calm. Yesterdays catches, Spots, Black Drum, Red Drum and Virginia Mullets. Stay tune..

Wed-Nov-07 9:00 am Winds Gentle from west. Weather very nice! No signs of Hurricane Michelle*. Next Hi Tide 11:45 am and the next lo tide 6:30 pm. Black Drum are still in the news. Puppy Drum, Red Drum or Channel Bass depending on how you prefer to call them, are making a strong come back. This fish is regulated by NC Fisheries, 18-27 inches in length and one per day. Several customers complain when they throw back a 16 inch fish.  Dinner news: To me, pan size Black Drum fried lightly in fat-free vegetable oil and a seafood breaded mix, taste between a Flounder and Virginia Mullet. Serve with collards, boil potatoes, corn bread and Ice tea.  Trout are still caught in boats, no reports from shore.  Stay tune...

Tue-Nov-06   Election Day, 2001 !! Next Hi Tide 10:45 am, Low Tide 5:15pm, Hi tide tonight 11:00pm. Local Fisherman Philip tells me that Black Drum will migrate into the Sounds and Bays. In the past, they have grown very large. I have seen some caught that weight over 60 pounds. The ones Karen and I have, weight 12oz.  - 1 pound.  The Boat Captains I have talked to are not too worried about Hurricane Michelle *(click for forecast).  10:30 am Update, Red Drum and Flounder are being caught from the COLD windy surf. Wrap up when you go "catching " today, winds 15 plus miles/hour NNE. Stay tune...
Mon-Nov-05 Today's tides Hi 9:45 am, next Low 4:15 pm, Hi tide again 10:00pm. 8:00 am Gentle winds are from the north 5 knots. UPDATE 10:15am  Winds have picked up NNE, 20 miles/hour since this 8:00 am.   4:00pm Update:  More Black Drum for supper have arrived 8 to 12 inches long. Whiting and Spots are being caught also. Winds NNE 10 miles/hour.    Stay tune..

   *NOW if you can stay out of the water and fish from the beach and/or Pier, everything should be OK*. I am guessing at this time that we will have higher surf waves from the Northeast starting Wednesday through next Monday*. Catching fish should continue or even pickup*!! For myself, I would not adventure offshore in any boat this upcoming week*. The river and bays should not be affected*.  The rules for boating (as I understand*),  it's the Captains Choice*. The last time we had a Hurricane of this forecast pass 300 miles offshore, three separate drowning occurred inshore and from the beach, September 2000.  To me, Hurricane Michelle appears to be forecasted to pass about 900 miles to the east (CLICK TO SEE FORECAST)*.   Stay Tune...* Gilbert Alphin is making a non qualified opinion!!    11/04/01    6:00pm EST*  

Sun-Nov-04 4:00 pm.  Last low tide 3:30pm next hi tide 9:15pm. This was a great weekend for catching fish. All persons fishing caught fish. Black Drum in a cooler make’s a pretty picture. After a Black Drum is caught, the colors of the fish change from the dark brownish-gray to silverish-white with dark strips. Virginia Mullet made a strong comeback last night. Sand flees and a # 3 short shank hook caught 36 for Alan, one of our customers. He had so many fish he gave Karen and me a dozen Black Drum.  For lunch, we steamed local oysters. For supper we plan to have Black Drum and collards. For breakfast, our Pastor's 8:30 am sermon mentions the miracle of the boy's basket of fish feeding over 5,000 people. Stay tune.....   Special 10 Lbs bag of Ice 85 cents.

Sat-Nov-03 10:15 am Warm weather and a calm Sea. Hi Tide was around 8:15 am, next low 2:45pm. Bloodworms should be arriving today, the slowdown in customers this past week halted our delivery schedule of Bloodworms. In the past, fishing season  went through Thanksgiving. Trout, Red Drum, and Flounder  are around all winter.   4:00 pm Ice run!!   Kure Pier is crowded. Many buckets of Black Drum, 10 - 15 inches long, scattered catches of  Blue Fish and  dozens of large Spots. Not many fishermen on the surf at low tide. Next Hi Tide 8:30 pm.  Stay tune...

Fri-Nov-02  6:00 pm   UPDATE, UPDATE !! Well  to our surprise, this day turned into Black Drum Friday!! Customers who did not do well yesterday caught Black Drum by the dozens today!! Just goes to show you, never give up!! I have not eaten Black Drum in years, but I am looking forward to. Flounder, Virginia Mullet and Blue Fish rounded out the day. Boaters tell me that Gray Trout are off shore. Fish to people ratio estimate; 7 to 1. Gilbert Alphin

blackdrm.jpg (14156 bytes)  (click to enlarge Black Drum picture)

Fri-Nov-02 By 7:00 am nobody was around. The Tide did not even show up! (just kidding). Hi tide was at 7:30 am next low 2:00 pm.  Winds ESE 10 knots. I decided not to open so early and check out the beach and Pier. While having breakfast at the Ocean View Restaurant, I met several of our customers. Most, not all, tell me they came up short handed on catching fish yesterday. Later while I was walking on the beach, I meet a family from Burlington, NC. They claim to have caught 60 Black Drum yesterday on Shrimp fishing with13 rods. Anyway we hope fishing improves. 10:30 AM update; More reports of Black Drum by other customers. 11:30 am Update Ice run!! 2 Five Gallon buckets of Black Drum, Blue Fish and Virginia Mullet. I have caught Black Drum on the rock wall jetty between Buzzard Bay and the Cape Fear River.  Need to let everybody know that the 2002 fishing season has begun as far as our Blue Marlin Beach Shop inventory is concern. This is the first time that we have restocked our shop this early in advance. Shakespeare Ugly Stick, Daiwa Reels and new Surf Carts (click to enlarge picture) JR Surf Cart.jpg (14642 bytes) for hauling your fishing equipment are now in stock for the holydays.  Stay tune….

Thu-Nov-01 Yesterday’s catch report, Whiting, Blow Fish, Spots, Flounder and a Skate. According to the meteorologists, October 2001 was the first blue moon since 1955. A blue moon is when the moon reaches full, twice in one month. Today’s Hi tide, 7:00 am and 7:30pm tonight. Stay tune…

Wed-Oct-31  Last hi tide was around 6:30am this morning.  Next low tide 12:15 pm this afternoon. There have been very few fishermen on the beach & pier this past week. Do not know the reason. (Maybe the economy?) Spots continue to run in cycles. Flounder are still being caught here and there. The weather is perfect for fishing and catching fish!   As in the past, November and the first half of December is considered the height of the Trout Season. Mirror lures and grubs work great along with our salt mullet. Last Sunday, Karen and I postponed our fishing trip and instead headed to the closest oyster bar. The chef, at “Heck of a Peck” (a Raw & Steamed Seafood Restaurant Bar), said that the local oysters from nearby Brunswick, New Hanover and Onslow counties saltwater sounds and marshes will be arriving this week. We settled for the Gulf Coast oysters that he had.  Very delicious. Update At 10:24am gentleman returned to stock up on # 5 and # 6 sinkers. NNE wind is picking up!  Stay tune…  (Sorry about missing the past two days)

Sun-Oct-27 set your clocks back 1 hour!   Next Hi Tide is around 4:45 pm today. Current winds here are coming from the Northeast 5-10 knots. We are anticipating another fish run today. Karen and I are planning fish this evening on the beach in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments tonight. Yesterday afternoon, many Pompano were caught here on shrimp. This NE winds direction and cooler weather should cause the fish to start running, again!! Stay tune…

Sat-Oct-26 Lo Tide is occurring now 10:45 am. Wind calm to 5 miles NNE. Air temperature has cooled down. Not many fishermen down at this time. No Reports at this time.

Fri-Oct-26 At noon, the winds are coming straight out of the south according to Old Glory. Next Hi Tide is around 4:15 pm today. Stay tune…

Thur-Oct-25 Yesterdays warm weather and southwest winds has put a damper on fishing today. Surf and Kure Beach Fishing Pier reports; slow on catching fish. On the other hand, Karen and had several bug bits while cleaning Pop-eye Mullets. The warm summertime weather has hatched several species of insects. Did show a customer how to fillet the 17-inch Flounder his wife caught. Better fortunes tomorrow.

Wed-Oct-24   Lo Tide just past at 8:00 am.   Next Hi Tide 2:30 pm.  During the past two nights large numbers of Spots, few Flounder and Virginia Mullet have been caught off the surf and Kure Pier. Our Fresh Mullet arrived this morning. Seawater temperature 71 F. Winds calm and we are under a blanket of fog.

Tue-Oct-23   Bloodworms are back!! Hi Tide Today is around 1:30pm, Air temperature is pleasantly warm. Sea Temperature 70 F. GA        7:40 pm Update, Not to many people fishing today. Weather was much warmer than the past few days. Spots were caught through out the day. Over the past weeks Flounder have been caught off the Rock Wall on Mud Minnows and Cut Mullet.  The Rock Wall  (south-end of island) was constructed in the 1890’s. It purposes was to keep the main channel of the Cape Fear River cleared of sand bars that interfered with shipping. Trout, Flounder, Red Drum, Black Sea Bass plus other fish feed off the small marine life that thrive on this manmade reef.   Stay tune. …

Mon-Oct-22   Low tide today was around 6:00am next hi tide is 12:30pm. This morning, winds were 2-5 NNE on the surf. While on the surf, I saw several large Spots being pull up on the Kure Beach Fishing Pier. Surf fishermen and their families were making there way to the south end of our Island this morning in hopes of catching Flounder.     2:00pm Update Spots are biting on shrimp!! Remnants of hurricane Karen, temporary stopped the Bloodworm harvest in Yarmoth, Novi Scotia, Canada. This is where Bloodworm are grown and harvested

Sun-Oct-21   Many of our guests are packing up and heading back home. Coolers are filled with Bluefish, Spots, Croakers, and Virginia Mullet.  Pig Fish and Groupers are being caught off shore. Ice is in big demand!!  Air temperature has risen!! 2:30 pm Winds out of the east. Catching fish have slowed down a bit. Weather nice.  Next up date Monday morning.

Sat-Oct-20 GOOOOD MORNING NORTH CAROLINA!!! This year’s fall fishing season has been one of the best since 1995! Why? Because no hurricanes and the fish are here!!  Today's hi tides are close to 11:00 am and 11:15 pm tonight. Winds seem calm at 7:00 am.  Sea Temperature 73 F.  7:15pm update: Rain showers were off and on this afternoon. Plenty of Spots were caught today.  Everybody that fished today caught fish; Virginia mullet and Croakers were also caught!   10 lbs bag Ice 85 cents.     Good day!

Fri-Oct-19   Today Hi Tide is around 10:00 am, next Hi 10:30 pm tonight.    8:20 am report. Not many folks this morning. Very early this morning, large number of Spots was caught within a 45-minute time period on Kure Pier. From the surf in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments, guest Debbie reports that her family has caught 7 fish since 7:00am. Gentle wind blowing out the Northeast.  What seemed like a thousand fish, only turned out to be a several hundred fish. The Hayes brothers caught more fish this past week than they have caught in the past 3 years combined!!   11:00 am The reports from surf not many catches, 7:00 pm We got the blues today, Bluefish that is, Virginia Mullet and Spots round out the rest of our guests catches today. Sometime two fish at a time were caught. Other times, peaceful rest. Stay tune till tomorrow ... 

Thur-Oct-18   Today, Hi tide is around 9:15, next Hi 9:30 pm tonight.   1:00 PM Report, Spot runs vary throughout the day on Kure Beach Pier and surf. Salt Mullet Fillets are catching Trout, Bluefish, Flounder and Red Drum.  Pop-eye finger mullet are in the surf in front of Blue Marlin Apartments. Several Flounder and Bluefish have been caught in surf and Cape Fear River.   Cape Fear River marks the Westside of our Island. State park, dredge pond, hike through the woods along Dow Road, or the south end of Fort Fisher give access to this all natural picturesque river.  Congressional Law prohibits the development of this Aquarian saltwater riverbank.    Stay tune..

Wed-Oct-17 Hi tide is around 8:30 am this morning and again at 8:50 pm tonight. Winds here this morning, calm. Not many fishermen present on this mid-week day. Air temperature 49 degrees F. Sea water 73 F. Even after the wind change yesterday, many Bluefish and small Pompano were caught.    8:55am Update. Ice run again! Three of our guests have caught 34 Bluefish since sunrise! They started at daylight and the Bluefish are still coming. Bluefish have gotten a bad reputation as being a bad tasting fish. We and other residents of Kure Beach find that if one cuts the Bluefish from the middle if it's gill and leaves the head halfway attached, the blood of these fighting fish escapes. The fish die immediately and are out of pain. After, cook and serve as you please.     10:45am Flounder are making news, caught on Mud minnows. We have 300 lbs of Popeye's to dress.     9:00 PM What started out slow, turned out to be another good day for catching fish!! Hi number of Bluefish and Pompano. Flounder catch reports also.  .... GA

Tue - Oct- 16 Yesterday was a great day for fishing, oops "catching fish" on the Kure Beach Fishing Pier. Also, several surf fishermen caught their limits on Bluefish and Red Drum. This morning, many of our customers are buying Ice, lots of Ice. Several are going back home to small towns and large cities, Tar Heal and Winston-Salem, N.C. for example. They are looking forward to stocking their freezers with the catches of fish caught over the past few days. Saltwater fish are pleasantly fresh tasting for 4 months if they are cleaned and iced down immediately and then frozen within 48 hours of their catch. At 8:30 am winds are about 7 miles/hour from the NNE. Next Hi tide is close to 8:00 pm. tonight.    2:27pm.  Wind direction has changed, coming from the south now. Fishing seems to have slowed down according to our customers. They have come in to Ice down earlier catches and bait.  

Mon-Oct-15 Last night's weather front brought about 2 inches of rain. Air temperature is 62 degrees F. Seawater temperature is 71 degrees. Winds are out of the northeast. Hi tide today has just past, next Hi tide is around 7:15 PM. This morning, the sky is clear. This is prime condition for catching fish!  Kure Pier and Beach are not crowded with people.    3:40 pm. Winds are NNE @ 9 miles /hour Spots, Spots and more Spots! Everybody is catching fish. Pompano included in catch!! Kure Beach Fishing pier is about 3/5 as full as it was this past Saturday.  Surf reports are favorable with few Bluefish. 47 years ago today Hurricane Hazel made history by coming ashore here. 

Sun-Oct-14    High tide today is approximately 6:15 pm.  Winds are coming straight out of the south. Not as good as a northerly wind for catching fish. At 2:30 pm, Kure Beach surf is practically empty of fishermen. The Kure Beach Pier has about 1/10 the number of fishermen as compared to yesterday. Jim from Minnesota bought 4 bags of Ice for the thirty Spots and thirteen Pompano he and his wife caught this morning in the surf. Karen and I are cleaning bait, a newly arrived load of Pop-eye Mullet that were caught in South Carolina yesterday. Stay tune...

Sat -Oct-13   Temperature has risen. Tee Shirts and short pants have replaced over-alls. Fishing reports from surf are few catches by noon, except for a 2.89 lb Pompano.  Kure Beach Fishing Pier is crowded, very crowded. During the night, several coolers of Virginia Mullet, Spots, Bluefish and Croaker were filled. Well another Saturday is coming to an end. Nearly all customers and guest caught plenty of fish. Cleaning fish is a "fun" chore. Freezer bags, coolers and Ice are getting plenty of use. The troubles of the world seem to be on everybody's mind. Here, the pleasant atmosphere, sun, sand, seagulls and waves of the surf gave everybody a relaxing day. C-ya next time!  
Fri-Oct-12   Using a finger mullet threaded on # 5/0 straight single fish hook, Joel Webster of Rockwell NC. LANDED a 43-inch Red Drum this morning. NC Fisheries rules only allow one Red Drum per day, 18 - 27 inches long. He released this giant fish. He did take its picture. Drop in to our Shop to take a peak at his picture.  We are checking into citation registration. Two young adventures were uncertain about fishing with our live mud minnows. After catching a few flounder, they came back and asked for more minnows. Other catches, several Virginia Mullet, Spots, Red Drum, Sheephead and Pompano. Did have another complaint of a tired arm and shoulder due to reeling in lots of fish.  No reports of Trout today. Special, 10 lb bag of Cubed Ice 85 cents.  ...GA

Thu-Oct-11   Hopkins Lures are in demand again. We have reordered 3/4 ounce to 4 ounce Hopkins Lures for Bluefish. This lures should arrived via UPS tomorrow. Spots are still in plentiful supply off KURE BEACH FISHING PIER and the surf of Kure Beach. Bluefish feed on Spots. It is for this reasoning that Bluefish run heavy 3 - 15 lbs this time of year. Today, one of our newly arrived guest caught a 7 lb Flounder in Snows Cut (Approx. 6 miles north of the Blue Marlin Apartments.) Oh, another one of our customer insists that short shanks fish hooks works better than long shank hooks for catching Whiting.  He says that the short shank in a sand flea is hidden in the body. He is catching lots of Whiting.

Wed-Oct-10 SPOTS ARE HERE IN HI QUANTITY!! Several customers are complaining because their arms are getting tired of reeling fish in (?). Spots by the bucket full and cooler full off KURE BEACH FISHING PIER. Special: 10 lb bag of cubed Ice, 85 cents per bag at our Blue Marlin Beach Shop!!

Tue-Oct-09 SPOTS ARE STARTING TO ARRIVE.  BLOODWORMS are the best bait for these hungry southbound migrating fish.  TROUT ARE BEING CAUGHT IN SURF AND PIER. Wind was ruff today as some fishermen had to stop fishing this morning. Bluefish were also caught. As in the past, fishing is the best when the wind is out of the northeast and seawater temperatures are between 55 - 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Current water temp is 72 degrees and dropping as we go into fall and winter.  Like the past fish runs, Karen and I are busy cleaning baitfish.  We can only see what our customers are taking home. We have to work in the shop when the fish are really biting, darn. Special: 10 lb bag of cubed Ice, 85 cents per bag!! Fresh row Pop-eye Mullet is being caught locally. Pop-eye Mullet is cleaned and cut up for bait. Red Drum, Flounder Bluefish, Trout and other game fish feed on Pop-eyes. While these Pop-eyes are running, we sell them whole, fillet, or as salted fillet. Head off shrimp is universal bait. No, not out of Star-Trek. A lot of sea species feed on shrimp. Spots to Giant Whales.  Heads-off because you lose 1/2 your money when you buy shrimp with the heads-on, plus you have a real mess on your hands.       GA

Mon-Oct-8 God speed to our U.S. Forces, Great Britain Forces, and the 40 other Allied Forces around the world! 
   Seawater temperature at the Kure Pier is in the mid 70's. This past weekend Karen and I came up empty fishing in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments. Winds were out of the south. This wind direction has a history of bad luck. However, most of our customers who fished with our salt mullet on the south end of Kure Beach made out OK. Trout proved again that Salt Mullet is one of their favorite meals! Sunday 10-7 we woke up to rain. The wind had shifted out of north. Today 10-8 high tide is approximately Noon. Hopefully, Spots will be running soon in this cooler weather.         GA

10/4/01:  Well the weather has been great. Seas are calm @ 76 degrees and the forecast for hurricanes seams to be very low.
    Spots have not yet arrived in hi numbers. Bloodworms prices range from $5.75 - $6.50 per 10 pack at the various bait shops. Like the past, this is the best bait for Spots. Pompano, a type of saltwater angle fish, are being caught in hi number. Like the past, fresh shrimp and a #3-5, 72 series long shank hook on a two-drop rig seem to be working the best.     GA

Trout lover. Trout are here! Seems like in the evenings with salted cut mullet and castings 50 - 80 yards off the surf works the best. # 1 long shank 72 series eagle claw hook will hold these soft mouth delicious fish. Don't let the distance off shore fool you. 85% of all other inshore fish are caught within 10 - 30 yards off the beach.      GA

This morning, 10/4/01, our fisherman and fisherwomen are catching Bluefish. 10 - 20 inches in length. Dozen or more per person. 

Last Wednesday, September 26, Karen and I were fishing on the surf in font of the Blue Marlin Apartments. Once we got our tackles in the water, Kure Beach dispatcher in coded the Kure Beach Fire Department. Being on the department for 20 years, I had to respond to the call. Fortunately the call was a faulty alarm. When I returned, Karen had caught an 18-inch Flounder. I re-check my bait and cast out. Just as soon as the tackle hit the water, I felt a jerk the size of a sledgehammer punch! Looking over the water, a large fish jumped out of the water pulling the # 6 sinker along too. This was a 17-inch Bluefish. Well the rest was a thankful meal. Tonight we are having the 15-inch trout that was caught last night. 

Well the weather has been great. Seas are calm and the forecast for hurricanes seams to be very low.

PS:  Stop wishing and go fishing!! 

It's later than you think!!

800-458-5752     7:30 am - 10:30 pm. 

Blue Marlin Apartments 
PO Box 101
Kure Beach, NC 28449


.........To be continued GA