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Happy Thanksgiving!     Reopen on Friday!   Stay tuned! Gas prices, $1.82 and up. Tide table

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday    Air temperatures have been a little warmer over the past 3 days. Skies have been very clear. I have not see anyone fishing the surf. Kure Pier is looking great. There are a few folks fishing midway  and out toward the end. No catches but still, there are not many fishermen. Good news is a wonderful forecast for Thanksgiving.  Stay tuned! Gas prices, $1.86 and up. Tide table

Saturday, November 22, 2008    Wind chill this morning was 15 degrees according to a Wilmington weatherman. No fishing reports at 10:30 am. Gas price have dropped another dime. Stay tuned! Gas prices, $1.86 and up. Tide table

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Over the past three days, Karen and I have been taken care of our winter preparation chores. The site of one or two snow flakes put us in that mode. Wednesday, Sandflees were catching 14 to 20 inch Pompanos and  3 to 5 pound Black Drums. The water at the horizon looked like saw teeth according one fishermen.  Gas prices have fallen below $2.00 at many places. Say tuned!  Gas prices $1.97 and up. Tide table

Tuesday, November 18, 2008  Rap up to say warm and you may find yourself catching fish on the surf or pier. Virginia Mullets, Black Drum, and Long Speckle Trout are making the few fishermen fishing, good catches. Say tuned!  Gas prices $2.10 and up. Tide table

Monday, November 17 2008     Colder weather came in today. Hardly anybody down today. Our heater was running around 3:00 this afternoon. Fish catches are pretty this time of year. Large and small Black Drum, mixed with Trout, Bluefish and Orange n Black colored Blowfish.     Sand flees and Bloodworms are the favorite baits. Stay tuned!     Gas prices $2.10 and up. Tide table

Saturday, November 15, 2008    Not many people down as rain showers fall off and on all night. News reports out of Raleigh are reporting a series of deadly morning tornados hitting just southeast of the capital city.  Our sympathy goes out to all!    Fishing reports: Spots on live and artificial Bloodworms. Stay tuned!

Friday, November 14, 2008    Few fishermen, yet fish are still being caught. Live Sand flees are all along the surf in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments.  Drum and Virginia Mullets are popular catches. Rain showers have fallen off and on all day. Humidity is way up! Stay tuned! Got to go!!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008    The Old-Timers were out in force yesterday as Virginia Mullets, Red and Black Drum of nice size were caught. Today, fishermen were upset with the heavy rains that fell this morning. 3 inches or more filled one local gentlemen's garden rain gage. Somehow this event had the visitors saying it changed the flow of the ocean. Yep! That will make our report as we hear it. Regarding Tuesday's Pompano, a different local reported similar specs on what we reported.  Stay Tuned!     Gasoline $2.24-2.34 & up  for regular.  Tomorrow's tides  Hi 7:48 am 8:07 pm   Low 1:03 am 2:12 pm  

Tuesday, November 11, 2008    Special Thanks and Love on this 90th anniversary of Veterans Day! Sunday was a slow day regarding fishing reports. Monday morning, a gentleman made an Ice stopped for the six cooler loads of large Spots he and his seven-member family caught over the weekend. These folks were going home to freeze fish to help out on this winter's grocery bills. (Plus fish are delicious).     The town's Kayaker capsized in 2 feet of water. He's okay other than a dampened spirit and a rod or two needing some TLC.   This morning, reports continue to come in regarding the Long Fall Virginia Mullets.      Now for the Big-Big Story!! ==>    "Banquette" sized Pompano caught somewhere close to the town's south-end emergency beach access crossover. What's a Banquette sized you ask? Banquette size is a fish so big that you could feed a good size class reunion. When I ask the local fisherman, who knows his local fish, he assured me this was not an African Pompano. He reported to me something along this line, "This was a yellow belly Pompano, seven or eight inches thick, 18 inches tall and just under one yard long." I'm sure this will make the paper this week. The event inspired the fisherman to drop what he was doing, go get wife, their fishing equipment ,go back and commence fishing.     Around here, gas company's have giving up another dime on the gallon!    Stay Tuned!     Gasoline $2.26-2.35 & up  for regular.  Tomorrow's tides  Hi 6:09 am 6:27 pm   Low --:-- am 12:29 pm  

 Saturday, November 8, 2008    Long Virginia Mullets, Croakers and Black Drum were the main catches this past week. Late yesterday afternoon, kayaker and his mate reported they enjoyed fishing the surf and offshore. Mud Minnows worked well catching Flounder, yet many were too small to keep. Latter on, a UNC-W student inquired about the Kayak and its functionality with the ocean. Best way to explain is for a free demo. Once past the breakers and out where the water's dept is past 10 feet, these two were accompanied by several Dolphins who were just as excited about the water as they were.     Stay Tuned!     Gasoline $2.37-2.39 & up  for regular.  Tomorrow's tides  Hi 3:45 am 4:01 pm   Low 9:51 am 10:00 pm  

Friday, November 7, 2008    Springtime weather is still with us. Our Air Conditioner came on around 10:00 am. Neighbor and his friend caught several large Virginia Mullets  on surf last night. Flies have returned which to me is odd for this time of year. It's official now, North Carolina is now a "blue state" regarding in the president, a new senator, governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and many others elected this past Tuesday. Stay Tuned!     Gasoline $2.37-2.39 & up  for regular.  Tomorrow's tides  Hi 2:54 am 3:10 pm   Low 8:53 am 9:17 pm   

Thursday, November 6, 2008    Spring time weather has returned to Kure Beach. Some of our guest are catching large Black Drums and good sized Virginia Mullets. Tuesday, reports from Freeman Park were very promising. Yesterday we had rain showers off and on. Tuesday, election day, was very wet. For us, there has not been that many fishermen in our shop. Gas prices continue to fall. Stay Tuned!     Gasoline $2.37-2.39 & up  for regular.  Tomorrow's tides  Hi 1:59 am 2:17 pm   Low 7:49 am 8:33 pm   

Monday morning, November 3, 2008    Warmer weather has returned along with several gentle rain showers. The volume of fish has dropped but the size of the fishes have increased. Back Drum, "eating size", are running 10 to 21 inches in length. Many are sized over 18 inches. Virginia Mullet count has picked up, but are falling short of past fishing season's numbers. One fisherman reported he saw a fellow on the beach pull in 5 very long Virginia Mullets  two at a time in just under 10 minutes. After that, everything halted until after sunset, then the Blues came in.        Other news, gas prices have dropped another dime. A radio station reported this morning that more than 40% of the registered voters in North Carolina have completed early voting.   I'm going to "cast" my wish for a winner, and that's any nice size eating fish!    Stay Tuned!     Gasoline $2.44- 2.48 & up  for regular.  Tomorrow's tides  Hi 11:33 am 11:59 pm   Low 4:44 am 6:06 pm     

Saturday, November 1, 2008    Fishermen are catching Virginia Mullet off the of the "Kure Beach Fishing Pier".  Black Drum, Red Drums and  Flounder are reported past the pier house and out toward the end of the pier. Air temperatures have risen bring comfort to many of the lovely fishing wives and girl friends. Water temperatures are approaching the mid 60's. Stay Tuned!     Gasoline $2.59 - 2.67 & up  for regular.  Tomorrow's tides  Hi 9:59 am 10:17 pm   Low 3:14 am 4:29 pm