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Wednesday, September 30, 2009 10:00 am   Cooler weather has greeted us the past two days. Seawater temperature reported at 78 degrees.  There has been a couple good Spot Run over the past three days. Fisherman and his wife spent most of yesterday fishing and sightseeing in their boat. No fish caught. :(   Not much activity going on regarding business. Many neighbors are reporting strange sounds coming from their bathrooms. Come to find out, Kure Beach Public Works is having the town's sewage checked for leaks and any other abnormalities.     Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.26 - $2.35 and up. Tide table

Sunday, Sunday 27, 2009     A Chapel Hill gentleman makes it to Kure Pier before 6 o'clock am for a full day of fishing. By noon he and others have each caught over 70 Bronze belly and white belly Spots. Pompanos are making a good showing also. Jumbo Bloodworms are doing the job! Other fishermen enjoyed the south end of the Island as rains were able to pack much of the soft sands. Today the skies have finally dried up.     Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.26 - $2.35 and up. Tide table

Saturday, September 26, 2009    6:00 pm update:     Heavy surf spoils one fisherman's adventures. "I can't keep my tackle in the water!" Others came prepared. Just guessing but we may have had more than one and half inches of rain today.     Noon Updates: Yesterday's customers are returning today for more of the same baits. Our big Jumbo Bloodworms are expressive ($11.49 per 10 pack) but today fishermen are reporting there catching Flounders and Spots with them!     Heavy rain showers have been falling for the past couple of hours.        8:30 am    Cloudy skies and rain with deadly / dangerous lighting has occurred within the past 16 hours. Local news media reports a young UNC-W student surfing at Wrightsville Beach was killed by lightning yesterday. Kure Beach Fire Department responded to a structure fire a few blocks north of our shop. Lighting was seen hitting the new house.    Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.26 - $2.35 and up. Tide table

Friday, September 25, 2009    Gas prices are dropping, rain drops are dropping - well every now and then. Best news is FISH ARE BITING! Kings on Kure Pier, Bluefish, Flounder, Spots, Pompano and Virginia Mullets are on the pier and everywhere else. Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.26 - $2.35 and up. Tide table   

Thursday, September 24, 2009    Three fishermen took the pleasures of  catching 26 Flounders yesterday! They were fishing just north of the Coquina Rocks at Ocean Dunes. Another fishermen with his wife catch's Flounder on their first cast. Skies are clear, air temperature is up at noon.   Water temps are about the same, 79 degrees.  Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.33 - $2.39 and up. Tide table   

Wednesday, September 23, 2009     Happy Birthday to someone special!     Bluefish and Spanish reports continue! Our first catch of Popeye Mullets have arrived. BIG ONES! Got to go and dress these fish!      Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.31 - $2.38 and up. Tide table   

Tuesday, September 22, 2009    Large Blue reports continue to come in. During the night, gentle rain showers woke us up. Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.27 - $2.38 and up. Tide table   

Monday, September 21, 2009    Late yesterday we got a good shower to wash and water everything down. Several fishermen have come in to renew their fishing licenses. Water temps are staying just below the 80 degree mark.  Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.27 - $2.38 and up. Tide table 

Sunday Morning 9:15am, September 20, 2009   Two fishermen reported Freeman Park at the north end of the Island was producing large Bluefish and good sized Flounder. Cut mullet and minnows were the favored bait. Virginia mullets and summer spots continue here in KB. As you may recall, the weather forecasters were calling for rain this weekend. Well we had no rain. Sunbathers are still taking advantage of the last days of Summer. We hope to have our famous "Salt Mullet" in this week.     Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.27 - $2.38 and up. Tide table

Saturday, September 19, 2009    Kings and Spanish reports are coming in from Kure Pier and boaters. Virginia Mullets, Croakers, and Summer Spots are making a good showing. Blues and Flounders seem to have dropped off for the moment.  The past two days of chores with a pitchfork are yielding a few aches and pains today.    Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.27 - $2.38 and up. Tide table

Thursday, September 17, 2009     Hi Folks, I just got back in. (9:45pm.) Today I got stuck with some out-of-town chores. One gas station in Wilmington was selling regular gas for $2.27.     Stay tuned!     Gas prices, $2.33 - $2.49 and up. Tide table

Wednesday, September 16, 2009     Large Bluefish are being hauled right here in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments. "Half way down to low tide and then about a quarter the way back up to high tide" quoted one of our guest. Folks I wish you were all here to see all this! Now we have to dress the ones our guest gave us!    Today winds have been blowing straight onto shore.  Mullet Minnows are active in the surf!. Water temperatures is around 80 degrees. Stay tuned!     Gas prices, $2.33 - $2.49 and up. Tide table

Tuesday, September 15, 2009    Fisherman came in today needing a fishing licenses. He reported Popeye Mullet Minnows were thick beside the boat ramp at the Fort Fisher Air Base. We have being seeing many of our old-time fishermen. Anybody seen "Pat Boone"?     Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.35 - $2.49 and up. Tide table

Monday, September 14, 2009    We got a big treat today! One of our local fishermen brought us his catch of Speckled Trout! This were pretty good sized. We do thank you very much! Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.38 - $2.49 and up. Tide table

Sunday, September 13, 2009     Many fishermen are catching Virginia Mullets and Spots. Weather reports continue to be baffling. We not having any rain. Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.38 - $2.49 and up. Tide table

Saturday, September 11, 2009    Today there's been an influx of fishermen, ladies also, reporting a number of Virginia Mullets, Bluefish and Flounder caught today. This is good since winds have blown from the southeast most of the day. One of our families staying with us this week did very well on a Head boat. "Forty-six fish with lots of onlookers as we dressed them". Skies have been clear most of the day. Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.38 - $2.49 and up. Tide table

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 or better yet 09-09-09    For us we got our first 24 hours of no rain. It's been more than 10 days it seems we gotten some sort perception. Ether by the  buckets or by the thimble load. Sunbathers are still showing up. Fishermen too.  Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.38 - $2.49 and up. Tide table

Monday, September 7, 2009     Happy Labor Day!     This morning folks were packing up and heading back home. Rain Showers made it a real-hassle as guest were trying to stay dry while packing up. I did not see anyone fishing the surf as the sporadic downpours continued.  Best I can tell yesterday epidemic seem to be over.    Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.38 - $2.49 and up. Tide table

Sunday, September 6, 2009    What a wet, wet weekend!  Sun came out for about two hours yesterday, after that it was clouds and rain showers. No "close-by" lighting thank goodness!  Wind blew strong right out of the north-northeast. Gust up to 25 knots at times. Two young lads came by and ask to flay their catch of two pan sized Pompanos. We worked together on the beautiful fish.  Other fishermen reported they caught Virginia Mullets. Once the wind subside, I'm certain you'll  see many locals putting in the hours fishing on the surf and pier.       There was an epidemic right after church today. Hundreds, I mean hundreds of people in Wilmington caught a bad, bad case of cabin fever! Apparently the only cure was to come to Kure.   Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.38 - $2.49 and up. Tide table

Saturday, September 5, 2009    Bluefish are back! No Spanish at this time reported one fisherman. Winds, as they have all week, have blown from out of the north-northeast. Sunshine has returned after taking a 10 day break. Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.38 - $2.49 and up. Tide table   

Friday, September 4, 2009     Well, Well, Well. It has been sometime since I updated this "so called" daily Fishing Report. Two very special birthdays have past which I failed to report and the very latest in  "good" fishing news. Virginia Mullets have been caught this week right in front our Blue Marlin Apartments. The sizes are running about 10 to 14 inches long. Monday a local fisherman gave my family about a dozen and on Tuesday we had a good feast. Today I see more fishermen fishing in the same location. Sand flees on # 4 hooks worked for our provider.     It's good to be back! I hope I can continue reporting these and other stories each day. Stay tuned! Gas prices $2.38 - $ 2.49. Tide table       

Sunday, August 23, 2009    8:00 pm. No reports other than a group of fishermen at the end of the Kure Beach Fishing Pier.  Winds have been blowing out of the southeast most of the day. Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.44 - $2.59 and up. Tide table   

Saturday, August 22, 2009     Sky is clear as Hurricane Bill passes 300 plus miles east of Kure Beach. Waves are very tall and long. At 1:00 pm there must be at least 40 surfers north of Kure Pier. Fishermen are telling us they can not keep their tackles in the water. Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.46 - $2.59 and up. Tide table   

Thursday, August 13, 2009    Lighting struck a light pole just outside our back door yesterday.  I could hear the snapping sounds of the power-strip/surge-protectors all through out our store. Very scary! No fishing reports at this time. Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.52 - $2.61 and up. Tide table  

Tuesday, August 11, 2009    Several Fishermen came in this morning complaining how poor fishing been. They said they have tired our baits, other shops baits and even live minnows they have caught yet all they have to show is a few small Pin Fish now and then.  Once we start getting reports of fish being caught "close by" we will tell you. Till now, stay tuned!  Gas prices, $2.52 - $2.61 and up. Tide table   

Sunday, August 9, 2009    There was a tragic accident again on our Island. This time a ten year old died in the surf waters of the "Fort Fisher State Park" yesterday.     Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.52 - $2.61 and up. Tide table  

Wednesday 5, 2009    Summer Virginia Mullets are coming in by the dozens. Many are too small yet the 9 to 11 inches make a good meal. Medium to heavy afternoon rain showers are falling in the afternoons. Gas prices are up a few cents. Ocean waters are in the mid 80's. Stay tuned!  Gas prices, $2.47 - $2.52 and up. Tide table  

Saturday, August 1, 2009   A Kure Pier Fishermen reported a run on Virginia Mullets, Croakers and other fish this morning. Over the week fewer guest were here. Salesman said he caught some Speckled Trout in the Cape Fear River next to Carolina Beach State Park. Stay Tuned Gas prices, $2.43!!!! - $2.49 and up. Tide table   

Monday, July 27, 2009     Over the weekend, a very special birthday to someone special.     We had an unexpected decline in trade. Not sure why but several motels and hotels had vacancy over the weekend. Many fishermen are upset at the lack of fish. One gentleman spent all of his Sunday on a private boat charter. He and his crew did not have a single bite. Beach goers and sun bathers are having a blast! Stay Tuned. Gas prices, $2.40!!!! - $2.46 and up. Tide table 

.Thursday, July 23, 2009    Over the past week fishing reports are below average along the surf. Boaters are catching Dolphin, (the fish) and King and Spanish Mackerel. Gas prices are hovering around the $2.40 mark. Stay Tuned. Gas prices, $2.40!!!! - $2.46 and up. Tide table

Friday, July 17, 2009     On the Island gas prices have been below the $2.499 mark for about five days now. Fishermen are still catching plenty of good pan sized Spots, Croakers, Virginia Mullets and large keeper SPECKLED TROUT which by the way, have made many a great meals. The Trout are running in the Cape Fear River, Snows Cut and up to 2 miles off shore. We heard a good joke today. [Carpenter had gotten tired of waiting so he ask kindly to get paid for the energy efficient windows he installed in this lady's home a year ago. The lady, acting with dismay said, and I quote,  "BEFORE YOU SOLD THEM TO ME, YOU SAID THE WINDOWS WOULD PAY FOR THEMSELVES BY THIS TIME NEXT YEAR!!"]   Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.45!!!! - $2.49 and up. Tide table

Wednesday, July 15, 2009    Many small to keeper size Spot and Virginia Mullets have be caught along the surf today. "We gone to have a good meal tonight!" reports one lady fisherman.  GAS PRICES CONTINUE TO FALL!  Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.45!!!! - $2.62 and up. Tide table

Monday, July 13, 2009    Kure Pier Fishermen have reported the best action over the past week. Large King Mackerels, Keeper Flounders, Virginia Mullets and Croakers. Surf reports are small and skimpy. Surprisingly, during mid-summer, gas prices are still declining a few pennies. $2.52 was reported at one Wilmington Gas station. Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.54 - $2.62 and up. Tide table

Monday, July 6, 2009    BIG CROWD OF PEOPLE OVER THE FOURTH OF JULY WEEKEND. Traffic was backup at many locations. Friday morning street traffic was backed up at the first stop light on the island way back over the "Snow's Cut" bridge clean up to Masonboro Commons Shopping Center (3 miles apx). Here in Kure Beach, traffic was backed up in 3 directions from the Kure Beach stop light between 3/4 to 1 mile. Beach was packed with sunbathers, fishermen, and all kind of water sport activities. Today reports came in that a Tarpon was hooked on Kure Pier, small Gray Trout along with Croakers, Black Drum and Small Sand Sharks. From our perspective, this was the biggest Fourth Holliday, crowed wise, in ten or more years. By late Sunday afternoon, things were getting back to normal. Gas prices dropped about 3 cents.  Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.57 - $2.68 and up. Tide table

Thursday, July 2, 2009    Nothing in the way to report this week regarding fishing. Sorry! Yesterday there was a nice crowd of folks downtown. Looks like Kure Beach's "First Baptist Church" is having and "Good-Ole Time Gospel Show".     Stay tuned! Gas prices, $2.57 - $2.68 and up. Tide table toward the evenings