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End of 2010 reports: Hope to see you in the spring of 2011! Gilbert and Karen Alphin

Saturday, November 20, 2010    Kure reports a very nice showing of Virginia Mullets and Croakers at night. Trout, Red Drum and Flounders reports are coming in from the Cape Fear River.     Nice weather! Stay Tuned!  Gas prices, $2.85 and up. Tide table     

Friday, November 12, 2010    Very few and far between this week on fishing catching. Of the best catches, 18 inch Virginia Mullets. Wind have blown strong out of the northeast cooling water temperatures several degrees. Surfers are enjoying the waves as fishermen bundle up. Number 5,6 and 8 sinker sizes are in demand. Stay Tuned!  Gas prices, $2.72 and up. Tide table   

Tuesday, November 9, 2010    Happy Birthday to someone special! :) This past weekend we had some seasoned fishermen staying with us. Oops! By seasoned I do not mean they smelled. Nine Foot Shark Caught, Photoed and released by neighbor fishermen. The next day, these guys hooked into something that was un-land-able. Their large-ought fishhook bent.     Bluefish, Virginia Mullets, Spots, Croakers and one Red Drum was reported over the past 3 days. Many other fishermen were very frustrated by the small amount of fish in their coolers.     Stay Tuned!  Gas prices, $2.72 and up. Tide table  

Saturday, November 6, 2010    Bluefish and Virginia Mullet reports are coming in from several sets of fishermen. Last night and this morning we had several reports of small sized Spots. Winds are very slow, switching back & forth between northeast and southwest. Stay Tuned!  Gas prices, $2.63 and up. Tide table  

Friday, November 5, 2010    Slight south-west wind moving around town at 5 pm. Surf has several folks giving fishing a try. Stay Tuned!  Gas prices, $2.63 and up. Tide table  

Tuesday, November 2, 2010    Gas prices have dropped!     Strong northeast wind has blown over the past 24 hours. Too strong for many. Yesterday several large Virginia Mullets were reported just north of our shop. Temperature at 2 pm around 58 degrees. Stay Tuned!  Gas prices, $2.58 and up. Tide table  

Monday, October 25, 2010    Today several moderate rain showers fell. Lightning and all the workings. Rowan County Fisherman and his wife reported the 22 inch Red Drum they caught today.    Winds are back out of the south again. :( Stay Tuned!  Gas prices, $2.78 and up. Tide table  

Saturday, October 23, 2010    For us, Flounder catches have been the number one catch this week. Southwest wind and recent "Heavy Rains" may have attributed to the recent increase. State Park Boat Ramp at Carolina Beach has reopened. $3.5 million according to local TV news station WECT-TV6. Going on 18 hours or more, winds are blowing from the northeast 2 to 15 knots.  Stay Tuned!  Gas prices, $2.78 and up. Tide table  

Tuesday, October 19, 2010    Bay fishermen from Salisbury hit the jackpot last night. The "Flounder Jackpot" so to speak. Many are over 20 inches in length. Between the three men, 24 Flounder is the maximum count per day. Mullet minnows were/are running abundant in the bay. Here in town, Mud Minnows are doing a good number hooking Flounders.  While these gentlemen were giving their report another fisherman and his wife/witness reported he hooked two large size Pompanos at the very same time! While he was fighting the two monsters, a Sea Hawk circled around and swooped down and took one fish off his hands!      Since the state park at Snow's Cut is still closed we have no news from that location.    Stay Tuned!  Gas prices, $2.76 and up. Tide table 

Monday, October 18, 2010    Southwest winds are not hampering Flounder catches! Several Fishermen came in looking for Mud Minnows. One of Flounders favorite meals.  There is a Spot shortage along the east coast. Fish houses are asking us for fishing reports. Historically speaking, the probability of catching Spot increases when there is a High pressure dome over the states of Illinois, Ohio or Kentucky.  This will create northeast wind directions along the Carolina Coast. We should have some news tomorrow regarding the Carolina Beach Fishing Tournament. < click Stay Tuned!     Gas prices, $2.76 and up. Tide table 

Saturday, October 16, 2010    Well we woke up to cooler weather. Winds were blowing out of the northeast around 6 knots. Fishing tournament underway in Carolina Beach. Last night we dressed 100 lbs of large roe mullets.   Stay Tuned!     Gas prices, $2.76 and up. Tide table 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010    Many an empty freezer! Southwest wind has damper on catching fish. List night I spoke with a commercial dealer whose in search of fish. Local are not too happy with their catches either.      Stay Tuned!     Gas prices, $2.74 and up. Tide table

Friday, October 7, 2010    This past week Flounder made a good showing on the surf. Live Mud Minnows are getting the better results. Warm weather has returned. Stay Tuned!     Gas prices, $2.69 and up. Tide table   

Tuesday, October 5, 2010    Since Sunday afternoon reports slowed down for Spots, Virginia Mullets, and Croakers. One 24 inch Flounder caught at the "Rocks" next to the Riggins here in Kure Beach. Stay Tuned!     Gas prices, $2.66 and up. Tide table   

Saturday, October 2, 2010    Northeast winds bring in the fish! Kure Pier and Surf are have the best catches in quite a while. Spots, Croakers and Virginia Mullets. Carolina Beach lake was back to normal around 3:00 pm today.  Lake park Boulevard in Carolina Beach is back open! Stay Tuned!     Gas prices, $2.59 and up. Tide table   

Thursday, September 30, 2010     Very wet week. Wilmington Airport reports 20 plus inches this week setting an all time record. Carolina Beach Lake is about 4 blocks past it's banks.     We got a fresh catch of Popeye Mullets in yesterday! Our first order of Bloodworms also arrived. Stay dry and stay tuned!     Gas prices, $2.59 and up. Tide table    

Monday, September 27, 2010    Heavy rains fell today. Parts of New Hanover County reported 6 inches in under 4 hours! The lake level at Carolina Beach was high but by sunset she had not overflowed.  I did not see anyone on the beach nor pier today. Stay Tuned!     Gas prices, $2.59 and up. Tide table   

Saturday, September 25, 2010    Another very warm day as winds blew steady from the southwest. Several fishermen reported they caught one to two Flounders today. Others were enjoying the water. Around 2:00pm a single dark cloud dropped about 50 rain drops then vanished. Stay Tuned!     Gas prices, $2.59 and up. Tide table  

Thursday, September 23, 2010    Happy Birthday to someone special!  "Too hot to 'catch' fish", reported several fishermen. Forecasters are saying today's high may hit 90 degrees as a steady 5 mile wind blows from the south. Rain fall is coming up 15 inches short on the year. Commercial fishermen are saying the Popeye Mullets are back.   Stay Tuned! Gas prices, $2.59 and up. Tide table  

Sunday, September 19, 2010    For us, over the past ten days reports of catching fish have be very bleak. Two of our guest fishermen  did have a couple of exciting moments but that was about it. We hope things pick up soon. One local fisherman is having the same results. He's telling me the water is way too warm.     Stay Tuned! Gas prices, $2.59 and up. Tide table

Thursday, September 9, 2019    UPDATE: 3:30 PM     Bluefish run on Kure Beach! Several fishermen are maxing out on the number of Blues caught this afternoon. Gotcha Plugs lures are being used.    9:00 am Yesterday, Eight Croakers 12 to 15 inches long make a fantastic diner. Warm weather still continues. Stay Tuned! Gas prices, $2.52 and up. Tide table

Labor Day 2010, Monday    Pompano were reported by one couple today. Sand Flees work well for bait. Large Blues were also added to the report. Hurricane Earl did not seem to have any effects on the local weather other than a good north east wind. On the other hand, the surf was up but not like I expected. Stay Tuned! Gas prices, $2.52 and up. Tide table

Friday, September 3, 2010    Happy Birthday to somebody special!     Yes we are very thankful!! No signs of the fly-by Hurricane Earl. Hot weather is back! No fishing reports.     Stay Tuned! Gas prices, $2.52 and up. Tide table    

Wednesday, September 1, 2010     Yes it has been a while since we last had anything to report. One "Daddy's Little Girl" landed a 20 inch Flounder over the weekend making a fantastic Kodak Moment. Other old timers need to polish up their skills and take a few lessons from her.    Word's out there's a big blow passing offshore over the next 72 hours.     Stay Tuned! Gas prices, $2.55 and up. Tide table